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Best Public Policy Masters in India in 2024

As the world faces complex challenges, the need for skilled policy professionals who can shape effective governance and drive positive change has never been greater. However, getting the correct guidance and education to achieve a fulfilling public policy career is the tricky part. During my undergraduate days in India, I often wondered about the best Public Policy Masters in India. Back then the discipline was still evolving and the space was very new. A lot has changed now- with multiple higher education institutes offering courses in public policy the choices are countless.

Thus, in this short blog, I will highlight the 13 most promising public policy masters offered in India. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a mid-career professional looking to enhance your expertise, these public policy masters provide a solid foundation for a rewarding public policy career.

Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, India

1. Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management- Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP)

Overview: A rigorous program designed to equip students with policy analysis and leadership skills.
Duration: 1 year
Unique Features: Experiential learning, policy labs, and renowned faculty and interdisciplinary integrations

Studying Public Policy at Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP)

2. Master in Public Policy and Governance (MPPG) – National Law School of India University (NLSIU):

Overview: Holistic program integrating legal, policy, and governance perspectives.
Duration: 2 years
Unique Features: Emphasis on legal frameworks, policy and regulatory research, and advocacy skills.

Studying Public Policy at National Law School of India University (NLSIU)

3. Master of Arts in Public Policy (MAPP) – St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai:

Overview: Multidisciplinary program covering policy analysis, development, and implementation.
Duration: 2 years
Unique Features: Practical case studies, guest lectures by policy practitioners, and internship opportunities.

Studying Public Policy at St. Xavier's College

4. Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM) – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi:

Overview: Blending policy analysis, management, and technological aspects of governance.
Duration: 2 years
Unique Features: Strong focus on policy implementation, data analytics, and technology-driven solutions.

Studying Public Policy at IIT Delhi

5. The MA Public Policy program at Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) on Coursera

Overview: Through an interdisciplinary approach and a special focus on developing economies, you’ll develop the ability to analyse contemporary political, economic, social, and environmental issues
Duration: 2-3 Years, Online
Unique Features: Can be done fully remotely, good theory and case study balance and can be done at your own pace

Studying Public Policy- Coursera from O.P Jindal Global University

6. Master of Public Policy (MPP) – Indian School of Business (ISB):

Overview: Policy-oriented program with a focus on leadership, analytics, and implementation.
Duration: 1 year
Unique Features: Immersive learning experiences, industry collaboration, and policy impact projects.

Studying Public Policy at ISB

7. Master of Arts in Public Policy and Governance – Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS):

Overview: Program integrating policy analysis, social justice, and development perspectives.
Duration: 2 years
Unique Features: Social policy specialization, fieldwork, and experiential learning.

Studying Public Policy at TISS

8. Master of Public Policy (MPP) – Xavier University:

Overview: Comprehensive program emphasising policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.
Duration: 2 years
Unique Features: Policy clinics, policy immersion programs, and internships with government agencies.

Studying Public Policy at Xavier University

9. Takshashila Institute’s GCPP and PGP – Public Policy programmes:

Overview: 48-week multi-disciplinary, specialised programme, designed for students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of both the theoretical and empirical approach to public policy. (Also offered as a certificate programme)
Duration: 12-48 Weeks
Unique Features: Policy research projects, exposure to economic policies, and collaboration with international institutions plus some of the best known faculty members and industry leaders teach or work at Takshashila

Studying Public Policy at Takshashila Institute

These public policy masters courses in India for 2024 offer excellent opportunities for individuals passionate about making a difference in society or enthusiastic about public policy.If you aspire to work in government agencies, think tanks, international organisations, or non-profit sectors these programs provide the knowledge, skills, and networks to excel in the field of public policy.

While I aim to provide you the most up to date information, you must make sure to do your own research, and ensure that this is the best decision for you. Deciding to do a masters can be a daunting, if you are still trying to understand if this is the best choice for you, why not meet me and discuss this crucial life decision over a fun virtual coffee? Take the next step towards your career aspirations by exploring these reputable courses and shaping the future of governance in India and beyond. Want to explore other ways to kickstart your public policy career? Why not check out this blog on the 10 Easy Steps to Launch your Public Policy Career.

Lastly, the above courses are not ranked but merely a randomised informational listing of the most prominent courses I have come across. In case I have missed out on any other cool course mention it in the comments below!

Happy reading and wishing you the best!